This section describes the AWSResources custom resource (CR) used in Container Cloud API. The AWSResources object contains the list of available AWS resources such as instance types, images, external networks, and compute availability zones.

For demonstration purposes, the Container Cloud AWSResources CR can be split into the following sections:


The Container Cloud AWSResources custom resource (CR) contains the following fields:

  • apiVersion

  • kind

    Object type that is AWSResources

The metadata object field of the AWSResources resource contains the following fields:

  • name

    Name of the AWSResources object

  • namespace

    Project in which the AWSResources object is created

Configuration example:

kind: AWSResources
  name: cloud-config
  namespace: test

AWSResources status

The status field of the AWSResources object contains the list of available AWS resources:

  • regions

    List of available AWS regions with AMI images and instanceTypes that are available in each region:

    • instanceTypes

      List of available instance flavors containing name and flavor description:

      • <name>

        Flavor name that contains the following subfields:

        • Storage

          Amount of disk space (in GB).

        • Memory

          Amount of RAM (in GB).

        • vCPUs

          Number of virtual CPUs.

    • AMIs

      List of available Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with description:

      • <ID>

        AMI ID that contains the following subfields:

        • architecture

          Architecture type

        • name

          Image full name

        • ownerID

          AWS owner ID

        • public

          If true, the image is public

        • virtualizationType

          Virtualization type of the Linux AMI

Configuration example:

          architecture: x86_64
          name: ubuntu/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-focal-20.04-amd64-server-20210325
          ownerID: 099720109477
          platform: ''
          public: true
          virtualizationType: hvm
          memory: 96 GiB
          storage: 1800 GB
          vCPUs: '48'