Verify the seed node

Before you proceed to bootstrapping the management cluster on bare metal, perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that the seed node has direct access to the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) of each baremetal host. All target hardware nodes must be in the power off state.

    For example, using the IPMI tool:

    apt install ipmitool
    ipmitool -I lanplus -H 'IPMI IP' -U 'IPMI Login' -P 'IPMI password' \
    chassis power status

    Example of system response:

    Chassis Power is off
  2. Verify that you configured each bare metal host as follows:

    • Enable the boot NIC support for UEFI load. Usually, at least the built-in network interfaces support it.

    • Enable the UEFI-LAN-OPROM support in BIOS -> Advanced -> PCIPCIe.

    • Enable the IPv4-PXE stack.

    • Set the following boot order:

      1. UEFI-DISK

      2. UEFI-PXE

    • If your PXE network is not configured to use the first network interface, fix the UEFI-PXE boot order to speed up node discovering by selecting only one required network interface.

    • Power off all bare metal hosts.


    Only one Ethernet port on a host must be connected to the PXE network at any given time. The physical address (MAC) of this interface must be noted and used to configure the BareMetalHost object describing the host.

Proceed with Prepare metadata and deploy the management cluster.