Workflow overview

The bare metal management system enables the Infrastructure Operator to deploy Mirantis Container Cloud on a set of bare metal servers. It also enables Container Cloud to deploy managed clusters on bare metal servers without a pre-provisioned operating system.

The Infrastructure Operator performs the following steps to install Container Cloud in a bare metal environment:

  1. Install and connect hardware servers as described in Requirements for a baremetal-based cluster.


    The baremetal-based Container Cloud does not manage the underlay networking fabric but requires specific network configuration to operate.

  2. Install Ubuntu 20.04 on one of the bare metal machines to create a seed node and copy the bootstrap tarball to this node.

  3. Obtain the Mirantis license file that will be required during the bootstrap.

  4. Create the deployment configuration files that include the bare metal hosts metadata.

  5. Validate the deployment templates using fast preflight.

  6. Run the bootstrap script for the fully automated installation of the management cluster onto the selected bare metal hosts.

Using the bootstrap script, the Container Cloud bare metal management system prepares the seed node for the management cluster and starts the deployment of Container Cloud itself. The bootstrap script performs all necessary operations to perform the automated management cluster setup. The deployment diagram below illustrates the bootstrap workflow of a baremetal-based management cluster.