Workflow overview


Since Container Cloud 2.18.0, the public networking mode for the Equinix Metal based clusters is deprecated for the sake of the private networking mode. Deployments with public networks will become unsupported in one of the following Container Cloud releases.

The Infrastructure Operator performs the following steps to deploy Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal with public networking:

  1. Prepare an Equinix Metal environment that meets the Requirements for an Equinix Metal based cluster.

  2. Prepare the bootstrap node as described in Prerequisites.

  3. Obtain the Mirantis license file that will be required during the bootstrap.

  4. Configure BGP in the Equinix Metal project.

  5. Verify the capacity of the Equinix Metal facility.

  6. Prepare the Equinix Metal environment credentials.

  7. Create and configure the deployment configuration files that include the cluster and machines metadata.

  8. Run the bootstrap script for a fully automated installation of the management cluster.

For more details, see Bootstrap a management cluster.