Equinix Metal project setup

Before deploying an Equinix Metal based Container Cloud cluster with public networking, ensure that local Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is enabled and properly configured for your Equinix Metal project.

To configure BGP in the Equinix Metal project:

  1. Log in to the Equinix Metal console.

  2. In IPs & Networks, select BGP.

  3. In the window that opens:

    1. Click Activate BGP on This Project.

    2. Select local type.

    3. Click Add and wait for the request to finalize.

  4. Verify the value of the max_prefix BGP parameter:

    1. Set the token variable to your project token.

      To obtain the token in the Equinix Metal console, navigate to Project Settings > Project API Keys > Add New Key.

    2. Set the project variable to your project ID.

      To obtain the project ID in the Equinix Metal console, navigate to Project Settings > General > PROJECT ID.

    3. Run the following command:

      curl -sS -H "X-Auth-Token: ${token}" "https://api.equinix.com/metal/v1/projects/${project}/bgp-config" | jq .max_prefix

    In the system output, if the value is 10 (default), contact the Equinix Metal support to increase this parameter to at least 150.

    The default value allows creating only two Container Cloud clusters per one Equinix Metal project. Hence, Mirantis recommends increasing the max_prefix value.

Now, you can proceed to Verify the capacity of the Equinix Metal facility.