Deploy an additional regional cluster (optional)

After you bootstrap a management cluster of the required cloud provider type, you can optionally deploy an additional regional cluster of the same or different provider type. Perform this procedure if you wish to operate managed clusters across clouds from a single Mirantis Container Cloud management plane.


  • A regional cluster requires access to the management cluster.

  • If you deploy a management cluster on a public cloud, such as AWS, Equinix Metal, or Microsoft Azure, you can add any type of regional cluster.

  • If you deploy a management cluster on a private cloud, such as OpenStack or vSphere, you can add only private-based regional clusters.

Multi-regional deployment enables you to create managed clusters of several provider types using one management cluster. For example, you can bootstrap an AWS-based management cluster and deploy an OpenStack-based regional cluster on this management cluster. Such cluster enables creation of OpenStack-based and AWS-based managed clusters with Kubernetes deployments.


The integration of baremetal-based support for deploying additional regional clusters is in the development stage and will be announced separately in one of the upcoming Container Cloud releases.


If the bootstrap node for deployment of an additional regional cluster is not the same where you bootstrapped the management cluster, first prepare the bootstrap as described in Configure the bootstrap node.

This section describes how to deploy an additional OpenStack, AWS, Equinix Metal, VMware vSphere or Azure-based regional cluster on an existing management cluster.