Prepare the VMware deployment user setup and permissions

To deploy Mirantis Container Cloud on the VMware vSphere-based environment, you need to prepare vSphere accounts for Container Cloud. Contact your vSphere administrator to set up the required users and permissions following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the vCenter Server Web Console.

  2. Create the cluster-api user with the following privileges:


    Container Cloud uses two separate vSphere accounts for:

    • Cluster API related operations, such as create or delete VMs, and for preparation of the VM template using Packer

    • Storage operations, such as dynamic PVC provisioning

    You can also create one user that has all privileges sets mentioned above.

  3. Create the storage user with the following privileges:


    For more details about all required privileges for the storage user, see vSphere Cloud Provider documentation.

  4. For RHEL deployments, if you do not have a RHEL machine with the virt-who service configured to report the vSphere environment configuration and hypervisors information to RedHat Customer Portal or RedHat Satellite server, set up the virt-who service inside the Container Cloud machines for a proper RHEL license activation.

    Create a virt-who user with at least read-only access to all objects in the vCenter Data Center.

    The virt-who service on RHEL machines will be provided with the virt-who user credentials to properly manage RHEL subscriptions.

    For details on how to create the virt-who user, refer to the official RedHat Customer Portal documentation.

Now, proceed to Bootstrap a management cluster.