Workflow overview

Workflow overview

Perform the following steps to install Mirantis Container Cloud on a VMWare vSphere-based environment:

  1. Prepare a vSphere environment with the requirements described in Reference Architecture: VMWare vSphere-based cluster requirements.

  2. Determine vSphere resources required for the deployment as described in Deployment resources requirements.

  3. Prepare the bootstrap node as described in Prerequisites.

  4. Obtain the Mirantis license file to use during the bootstrap.

  5. Set up the VMWare accounts for deployment as described in VMWare deployment users.

  6. Create and configure the deployment configuration files that include the cluster and machines metadata as described in Bootstrap a management cluster.

  7. Prepare the OVF template for the management cluster nodes using OVF template requirements.

  8. Run the bootstrap script for the fully automated installation of the management cluster.

For more details, see Bootstrap a management cluster.