Deployment resources requirements

The VMware vSphere provider of Mirantis Container Cloud requires the following resources to successfully create virtual machines for Container Cloud clusters:

  • Data center

    All resources below must be related to one data center.

  • Cluster

    All virtual machines must run on the hosts of one cluster.

  • Virtual Network or Distributed Port Group

    Network for virtual machines. For details, see VMware vSphere network objects and IPAM recommendations.

  • Datastore

    Storage for virtual machines disks and Kubernetes volumes.

  • Folder

    Placement of virtual machines.

  • Resource pool

    Pool of CPU and memory resources for virtual machines.

You must provide the data center and cluster resources by name. You can provide other resources by:

  • Name

    Resource name must be unique in the data center and cluster. Otherwise, the vSphere provider detects multiple resources with same name and cannot determine which one to use.

  • Full path (recommended)

    Full path to a resource depends on its type. For example:

    • Network


    • Resource pool

      /<data_center>/host/<cluster>/Resources/<resource pool_name>

    • Folder

      /<data_center>/vm/<folder1>/<folder2>/.../<folder_name> or /<data_center>/vm/<folder_name>

    • Datastore


You can determine the proper resource name using the vSphere UI.

To obtain the full path to vSphere resources:

  1. Download the latest version of GOVC utility depending on your operating system and unpack the govc binary into PATH on your machine.

  2. Set the environment variables to access your vSphere cluster. For example:

    export GOVC_USERNAME=user
    export GOVC_PASSWORD=password
    export GOVC_URL=
  3. List the data center root using the govc ls command. Example output:

  4. Obtain the full path to resources by name for:

    1. Network or Distributed Port Group (Distributed Virtual Port Group):

      govc find /<data_center> -type n -name <network_name>
    2. Datastore:

      govc find /<data_center> -type s -name <datastore_name>
    3. Folder:

      govc find /<data_center> -type f -name <folder_name>
    4. Resource pool:

      govc find /<data_center> -type p -name <resource_pool_name>
  5. Verify the resource type by full path:

    govc object.collect -json -o "<full_path_to_resource>" | jq .Self.Type