Configure IAM CLI

Configure IAM CLI

The iamctl command-line interface uses the iamctl.yaml configuration file to interact with IAM.

To create the IAM CLI configuration file:

  1. Log in to the management cluster.

  2. Change the directory to one of the following:

    • $HOME/.iamctl

    • $HOME

    • $HOME/etc

    • /etc/iamctl

  3. Create iamctl.yaml with the following exemplary parameters and values that correspond to your deployment:

    server: <IAM_API_ADDRESS>
    timeout: 60
    verbose: 99 # Verbosity level, from 0 to 99
        enabled: true
        ca: <PATH_TO_CA_BUNDLE>
        issuer: <IAM_REALM_IN_KEYCLOAK>
        ca: <PATH_TO_CA_BUNDLE>
        client_id: iam

    The <IAM_REALM_IN_KEYCLOAK> value has the <keycloak-url>/auth/realms/<realm-name> format, where <realm-name> defaults to iam.