Verify Ceph cluster state prior to Container Cloud 2.11.0


This document reflects Ceph cluster state verification for Container Cloud clusters versions earlier than 2.11.0. For Container Cloud clusters 2.11.0 and later, refer to Verify Ceph cluster state.

To verify the state of a Ceph cluster, Ceph controller provides a Kubernetes API that includes a custom MiraCephLog resource. The resource contains information about the state of different components of your Ceph cluster.

To verify the Ceph cluster state:

  1. Obtain kubeconfig of the management or managed cluster and provide it as an environment variable:

    export KUBECONFIG=<path-to-kubeconfig>
  2. Obtain MiraCephLog:

    kubectl get miracephlog rook-ceph -n ceph-lcm-mirantis -o yaml
  3. Verify the state of the required component using the MiraCephLog specification description below.

    Specification fields of the MiraCephLog object




    The tail of the ceph-operator pod logs. Use the logs for investigation and troubleshooting.


    The string result of the current state of Ceph OSDs. If all OSDs operate properly, the value is ALL OK.


    The list of Ceph block pools. Use this list to verify whether all defined pools have been created properly.