View Kibana dashboards

Using the Kibana 0 web UI, you can view the visual representation of logs and Kubernetes events of your deployment.

To view the Kibana dashboards:

  1. Log in to the Kibana 0 web UI as described in Access StackLight web UIs.

  2. Click the required dashboard to inspect the visualizations or perform a search:




    Provides visualizations on the number of log messages per severity, source, and top log-producing host, namespaces, containers, and applications. Includes search.

    Kubernetes events

    Provides visualizations on the number of Kubernetes events per type, and top event-producing resources and namespaces by reason and event type. Includes search.


Starting from Container Cloud 2.16.0, Kibana has switched to OpenSearch Dashboards. For details, see Elasticsearch switch to OpenSearch.