Verify the capacity of the Equinix Metal facility

  1. Install the Equinix Metal CLI.

  2. Obtain USER_API_TOKEN for the Equinix Metal authentication:

    1. Log in to the Equinix Metal console.

    2. Capture the existing API key with the Read/Write permissions or create a new one:

      1. In Personal Settings > Personal API Keys, click Add New Key.

      2. Fill in the Description and select the Read/Write permissions.

      3. Click Add Key.

  3. Configure the Equinix Metal authentication by exporting the PACKET_TOKEN environment variable. Replace USER_API_TOKEN with your USER_API_TOKEN:


    For more details, see Equinix Metal authentication.

  4. Verify the capacity of the Equinix Metal facility selected for the management cluster bootstrap:

    packet-cli capacity check --facility $EQUINIX_FACILITY --plan $EQUINIX_MACHINE_TYPE --quantity $MACHINES_AMOUNT

    In the command above, replace $EQUINIX_FACILITY, $EQUINIX_MACHINE_TYPE and $MACHINES_AMOUNT with corresponding values of your cluster.

    For example, to verify that Equinix Metal can create 6 machines of the c3.small.x86 type in the am6 facility, run:

    packet-cli capacity check --facility am6 --plan c3.small.x86 --quantity 6

    In the system response, verify that the AVAILABILITY section has the true value.

    Example of a positive system response:

    | am6      | c3.small.x86 | 6        | true         |