IP Address Management

IP Address Management

Mirantis Container Cloud on bare metal uses the IP Address Management (IPAM) to keep track of the network addresses allocated to bare metal hosts. This is necessary to avoid IP address conflicts and expiration of address leases to machines through DHCP.

The IPAM functions are provided by the kaas-ipam controller and a set of custom resources. A cluster API extension enables you to define the addresses and associate them with hosts. The addresses are then configured by the Ironic provisioning system using the cloud-init tool.

The kaas-ipam controller provides the following functionality:

  • Link the IPAM objects with the cluster API objects, such as BareMetalHost or Machine through the intermediate IpamHost objects.

  • Handle the IP pools and addresses as Kubernetes custom objects defined by CRDs.

  • Control the integration with Container Cloud.

You can apply complex networking configurations to a bare metal host using the L2 templates. The L2 templates imply multihomed host networking and enable you to create a managed cluster with more than one network interface for different types of traffic. Multihoming is required to ensure the security and performance of a managed cluster. By design, this feature should not touch the NIC that is used for PXE boot and LCM.

IPAM uses single L3 network per management cluster, as defined in Cluster networking, to assign addresses to bare metal hosts.