Management cluster storage

The management cluster requires minimum three storage devices per node. Each device is used for different type of storage.

  • The first device is always used for boot partitions and the root file system. SSD is recommended. RAID device is not supported.

  • One storage device per server is reserved for local persistent volumes. These volumes are served by the Local Storage Static Provisioner (local-volume-provisioner) and used by many services of Container Cloud.

  • At least one disk per server must be configured as a device managed by a Ceph OSD.

  • The recommended number of Ceph OSDs per a management cluster node is 2 OSDs per node, to the total of 6 OSDs. The recommended replication factor 3 ensures that no data is lost if any single node of the management cluster fails.

You can configure host storage devices using the BareMetalHostProfile resources. For details, see Customize the default bare metal host profile.