Host networking

Host networking

The following network roles are defined for all Mirantis Container Cloud clusters nodes on bare metal including the bootstrap, management, and managed cluster nodes:

  • Out-of-band (OOB) network

    Connects the Baseboard Management Controllers (BMC) of the hosts in the network to Ironic. This network or multiple networks if managed clusters have their own OOB networks must be accessible from the PXE network through the IP routing.

  • Common/PXE network

    Is a general purpose network used to remotely boot servers through the PXE protocol as well as for the Kubernetes API access and Kubernetes pods traffic. This network is shared between the management and managed clusters.


    Only one Ethernet port on a host must be connected to the Common/PXE network at any given time. The physical address (MAC) of this interface must be noted and used to configure the BareMetalHost object describing the host.

The initially installed bootstrap node or node0 must be connected to the following networks:

  • The OOB network. Ironic must have access to the IPMI/BMC of the managed bare metal hosts. Though, Ironic must not be connected to the L2 segment directly. The OOB network must be accessible through the Router 1 in the PXE network.

  • The Common/PXE network. The instance of the kaas-bm running on node0 provides DHCP service on this network. This service is required for Ironic to inspect the bare metal hosts and install the operating system. The bootstrap node must be directly connected to the PXE network to ensure the L2 connectivity for DHCP. The default route for node0 must point to the Router 1 in the PXE network.

The Container Cloud bootstrap cluster node has the following networking configuration:


A management cluster node has the following networking configuration:


A managed cluster node has the following network configuration: