Deprecation notice

Deprecation notice

This document outlines the functionalities or components within MSR that will be deprecated.

Enable Manifest List via the API

2.5 and 2.6

Since v2.5, it has been possible for repository admins to autogenerate manifest lists when creating a repository via the API. You accomplish this by setting enableManifestLists to true when sending a POST request to the /api/v0/repositories/{namespace} endpoint. When enabled for a repository, any image that you push to an existing tag will be appended to the list of manifests for that tag. enableManifestLists is set to false by default, which means pushing a new image to an existing tag will overwrite the manifest entry for that tag.


The above behavior and the enableManifestLists field will be removed in v2.7. Starting in v2.7, you can use the MSR CLI to create and push a manifest list to any repository.