Cluster release notes

Cluster release notes

This document describes the latest changes, additions, known issues, and fixes for Cluster.

Version 1



What’s new

  • Inclusion of the plugin binary packages in the container, thus removing the need for an out-of-band method for delivering the binaries. (CLUSTER-553)

Bug fixes

  • Client bundle fails to download when the hostname cannot be resolved due to a DNS propagation delay. (CLUSTER-565)

  • Cluster cannot run on existing subnets (it can only create subnets). (CLUSTER-554)

  • Cluster fails when attempting to install the Azure client rpm on RHEL 7.6 virtual machines, delivering a 404 error. (CLUSTER-540)



What’s new

  • Support installation of MKE 3.3, MSR 2.8, and MCR 19.03.

  • Support DNS registration in Azure (CLUSTER-220)

  • Continue executing even if unable to download license from Docker Hub

  • Update default machine images to align with cloud provider offerings

  • Realign default OS and data disk sizes across cloud providers

  • Display more detailed Ansible output at higher logging levels

Bug fixes

  • Windows workers now get the requested MCR version installed instead of ‘latest’ (CLUSTER-522)

  • Randomly generated name of first created cluster is now actually random

  • Attempting to remove a non-existent Docker context no longer considered an error

  • Skip Docker Hub lookup if subscription ID and license file are provided (CLUSTER-507)

  • Properly configure Windows dockerd dataroot (CLUSTER-541)

  • Use correct RHEL repo on Azure (CLUSTER-540)

  • Stability enhancements during installation of MKE




  • Added new env variable type which allows users to supply cluster variable values as an environment variable (DCIS-509)


  • Fixed an issue where errors in the cluster commands would return exit code of 0 (DCIS-508)

  • New error message displayed when a docker login is required: Checking for licenses on Docker Hub    Error: no Hub login info found; please run 'docker login' first

Version 1.1.0


What’s new

  • Support for Azure cloud provider

  • Support for RHEL 8 operating system

Bug Fixes

  • Container file permissions on linux (DCIS-346)

  • License check failure with non-Docker subscriptions (DCIS-465)

Version 1.0.1


What’s new

  • Support for SLES 12.4

  • Support for Windows Server 2016

Version 1.0


First major release.