Deploy an additional regional cluster

Deploy an additional regional cluster

After you bootstrap a management cluster of the required cloud provider type, you can deploy an additional regional cluster of the same or different provider type.

Supported combinations of providers types for management and regional clusters

Bare metal regional cluster

AWS regional cluster

OpenStack regional cluster

Bare metal management cluster

AWS management cluster

OpenStack management cluster

Multi-regional deployment enables you to create managed clusters of several provider types using one management cluster. For example, you can bootstrap an AWS-based management cluster and deploy an OpenStack-based regional cluster on this management cluster. Such cluster enables creation of OpenStack-based and AWS-based managed clusters with Kubernetes deployments.


The integration of baremetal-based support for deploying additional regional clusters is on the final development stage and will be announced separately in one of the upcoming Docker Enterprise (DE) Container Cloud releases.

This section describes how to deploy an additional OpenStack or AWS-based regional cluster on an existing management cluster.