Product highlights

Product highlights

Docker Enterprise (DE) Container Cloud enables you to create and manage Docker Enterprise with UCP container clusters across multiple cloud and infrastructure platforms. Currently supported architectures include OpenStack, bare metal, and AWS, with more choice coming in the near future.

DE Container Cloud provides a web UI, CLI, and API to enable a self-service deployment of Docker Enterprise with UCP container clusters.

The major features of the DE Container Cloud GA release include:

  • Docker Enterprise with UCP multi-cluster
    • Create new fully managed Docker Enterprise with UCP container clusters on the DE Container Cloud supported infrastructure and operating system

    • Attach existing Docker Enterprise with UCP 3.3.3 clusters that run on any infrastructure and operating system with a core set of most critical LCM operations

  • Automated software LCM

    Provide automated zero-touch update for DE Container Cloud and UCP, including Ubuntu operating system updates, with no workload impact

  • Multi-cloud infrastructure support

    Deploy Docker Enterprise with UCP container clusters through automated provisioning on the following infrastructure platforms: OpenStack, AWS, bare metal

  • Logging, monitoring, alerting

    Monitor individual managed Docker Enterprise with UCP container clusters as well as provide cluster metrics and alerts on resource utilization aggregated to the DE Container Cloud level

  • Bare Metal as a Service

    Provision pools of bare metal machines to use as a bare metal provider, which reduces layers of virtualization and provides efficient support for compute-intensive workloads

  • Ceph storage for bare metal

    Deploy Ceph utilizing Rook to provide and manage a robust and scalable persistent storage that can be used by Kubernetes workloads

  • User management

    Integrate IdP and user RBAC to assimilate with corporate single source of truth and assign role-based access

  • Intuitive web UIs for cluster management

    Provide a single UI for multiple cluster management as well as the Docker Enterprise with UCP container clusters UI for single cluster management