Add a task

Add a taskΒΆ

You can add a task to an existing role.

To add a task:

  1. Create a .yaml file.

    For example, my_tasks.yaml.

  2. Add the task description to the my_tasks.yaml file.


    - id: my_task
      type: puppet
      groups: [compute]
      required_for: [deploy_end]
      requires: [netconfig]
        puppet_manifest: /etc/puppet/modules/my_task.pp
        puppet_modules: /etc/puppet/modules
        timeout: 3600
  3. Log in to the Fuel CLI.

  4. Run the following command:

    fuel rel --sync-deployment-tasks --dir <path-to-dir-with-the-task.pp>

    Fuel syncs the with the internal database.

  5. Deploy the OpenStack environment.