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Mirantis OpenStack Documentation Center

Welcome to Mirantis OpenStack Documentation center

This documentation center helps you to install, administrate, and troubleshoot Mirantis OpenStack.

If you are new to Mirantis OpenStack and Fuel, start by creating a test environment as described in the QuickStart Guide.

The guides are available in HTML and PDF. To view the content in PDF, navigate to Download PDFs.

Mirantis OpenStack Documentation

Provides information on how to configure and manage the current version of Mirantis OpenStack using Fuel.

Includes the Release Notes describing the enhancements and known issues in the latest release of the product.

Fuel Documentation

The latest community documentation for the Openstack Fuel project includes:

  • Fuel Installation Guide
  • Fuel User Guide
  • Fuel Developer Guide
  • Fuel Release Notes

For the Fuel 8.0 documentation, navigate to the Mirantis OpenStack Documentation section.

Solution Guides

Describe how to configure special deployments of Mirantis OpenStack that include components Fuel does not deploy automatically.