Plan the deployment

Plan the deploymentΒΆ

The configuration of your MCP installation depends on the individual requirements that should be met by the cloud environments.

The detailed plan of any MCP deployment is determined on a per-cloud basis. For the MCP reference architecture and design overview, see: MCP Reference Architecture: Plan an OpenStack environment or MCP Reference Architecture: Plan a Kubernetes cluster depending on the type of your deployment.


Kubernetes support termination notice

Starting with the MCP 2019.2.5 update, the Kubernetes component is no longer supported as a part of the MCP product. This implies that Kubernetes is not tested and not shipped as an MCP component. Although the Kubernetes Salt formula is available in the community driven SaltStack formulas ecosystem, Mirantis takes no responsibility for its maintenance.

Customers looking for a Kubernetes distribution and Kubernetes lifecycle management tools are encouraged to evaluate the Mirantis Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) and Docker Enterprise products.

At the same time, MCP provides a flexible reduced prebuilt mirror image that you can customize depending on the needs of your MCP deployment after the initial bootstrap is performed. The usage of the prebuilt mirror image is essential in case of an offline MCP deployment scenario. The prebuilt mirror image contains the Debian package mirror (Aptly or flat deb repositories), Docker images mirror (Registry), Git repositories mirror, and mirror of the Mirantis Ubuntu VM cloud images (VCP). This guide includes the steps required for the case with the additional prebuilt VM deployment on the Foundation node.