Advanced networking configuration

With L2 networking templates, you can create advanced host networking configurations for your clusters. For example, you can create bond interfaces on top of physical interfaces on the host or use multiple subnets to separate different types of network traffic.

You can use several host-specific L2 templates per one cluster to support different hardware configurations. For example, you can create L2 templates with different number and layout of NICs to be applied to the specific machines of one cluster.

You can also use multiple L2 templates to support different roles for nodes in a MOS installation. You can create L2 templates with different logical interfaces, and assign them to individual machines based on their roles in a MOS cluster.

When you create a baremetal-based project, the exemplary templates with the ipam/PreInstalledL2Template label are copied to this project. These templates are preinstalled during the management cluster bootstrap.

Follow the procedures below to create L2 templates for your managed MOS clusters.