Debugging the HelmBundle controller

Debugging the HelmBundle controller

The HelmBundle controller is running in the following containers:

  • tiller - runs Tiller, the server portion of Helm

  • controller - contains processes that handle the HelmBundle object and deploy it though Tiller

Verify the Helm releases statuses

  1. Download the Helm client to connect to Tiller:

    export HELM_VERSION=v2.13.1
    tar -xf helm-${HELM_VERSION}-linux-amd64.tar.gz
    mv linux-amd64/helm /usr/local/bin/helm
  2. On the Kubernetes node, run the following command to set up port forwarding:

    kubectl port-forward -n osh-system helm-controller-0 44134:44134
  3. Set up alias to use port forwarding:

    alias helm="helm --host=localhost:44134"
  4. Verify the Helm releases statuses:

    helm list

    If a Helm release is not in the DEPLOYED state, obtain the details from the output of the following command:

    helm history --col-width 1000000 <release-name>

Verify the status of a HelmBundle release

To verify the status of a HelmBundle release:

kubectl -n osh-system get helmbundles openstack-operator -o yaml

Example of a system response:

      attempt: 1
      chart: openstack-controller/openstack-operator
      finishedAt: "2020-04-21T11:24:08Z"
      hash: caa6a811e5540333b4a02d74f7ec855460d97f81efdd69ed13d516256cbf9f81
      notes: ""
      revision: 1
      status: DEPLOYED
      success: true
      version: 0.1.9-55