Debugging the OpenStack Controller

Debugging the OpenStack Controller

The OpenStack Controller is running in several containers in the openstack-operator-xxxx pod in the osh-system namespace. For the full list of containers and their roles, refer to MOS Reference Architecture: Openstack controller containers.

To verify the status of the OpenStack Controller, run:

kubectl -n osh-system get pods

Example of a system response:

NAME                                  READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
helm-controller-0                     2/2     Running   0          70m
local-volume-provisioner-2xsl5        1/1     Running   0          70m
local-volume-provisioner-fqdf9        1/1     Running   0          70m
local-volume-provisioner-ncclp        1/1     Running   0          70m
openstack-operator-7f4b5cf88c-4tj26   5/5     Running   0          70m

To verify the logs for the osdpl container, run:

kubectl -n osh-system logs -f <openstack-operator-xxxx> -c osdpl

The openstack-operator pod is missing

The openstack-operator pod is created by the openstack-operator HelmBundle object. If the OpenStack Controller pod is not present in the namespace, Debugging the HelmBundle controller.