Deploy Tungsten Fabric

Deploy Tungsten FabricΒΆ

Deployment of Tungsten Fabric (TF) is managed by the tungstenfabric-operator Helm resource in a respective MOS ClusterRelease.

To deploy TF:

  1. Verify that you have completed all prerequisite steps as described in Tungsten Fabric deployment prerequisites.

  2. Create tungstenfabric.yaml with the TF resource configuration. For example:

    kind: TFOperator
      name: openstack-tf
      namespace: tf
        orchestrator: openstack
  3. Trigger the TF deployment:

    kubectl apply -f tungstenfabric.yaml
  4. Verify that TF has been successfully deployed:

    kubectl get pods -n tf

    The successfully deployed TF services should appear in the Running status in the system response.

  5. Starting from MOS 21.1, if you have enabled StackLight, enable Tungsten Fabric monitoring by setting tungstenFabricMonitoring.enabled to true as described in MOS Operations Guide: Configure StackLight.