Deployment architecture

Deployment architecture

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOS) deploys the StackLight stack as a release of a Helm chart that contains the helm-controller and HelmBundle custom resources. The StackLight HelmBundle consists of a set of Helm charts describing the StackLight components. Apart from the OpenStack-specific components below, StackLight also includes the components described in Mirantis Container Cloud Reference Architecture: Deployment architecture.

During the StackLight deployment, you can define the HA or non-HA StackLight architecture type. For details, see Mirantis Container Cloud Reference Architecture: StackLight database modes.

OpenStack-specific StackLight components overview

StackLight component


Prometheus native exporters and endpoints

Export the existing metrics as Prometheus metrics and include libvirt-exporter, memcached-exporter, rabbitmq-exporter, and mysql-exporter.

Telegraf OpenStack plugin

Collects and processes the OpenStack metrics.