Monitored components

StackLight measures, analyzes, and reports in a timely manner about failures that may occur in the following Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOS) components and their sub-components. Apart from the components below, StackLight also monitors the components listed in Mirantis Container Cloud Reference Architecture: Monitored components.

  • Libvirt

  • Memcached

  • MariaDB

  • NTP

  • OpenStack (Barbican, Cinder, Designate, Glance, Heat, Horizon, Ironic, Keystone, Neutron, Nova, Octavia)

  • OpenStack SSL certificates

  • Open vSwitch

  • RabbitMQ

  • Tungsten Fabric (Casandra, Kafka, Redis, ZooKeeper) Available since MOS 21.1