Tungsten Fabric integration with OpenStack Octavia

MOS ensures Octavia with Tungsten Fabric integration by OpenStack Octavia Driver with Tungsten Fabric HAProxy as a back end.

Octavia Tungsten Fabric Driver supports creation, update, and deletion operations with the following entities:

  • Load balancers


    For a load balancer creation operation, the driver supports only the vip-subnet-id argument, the vip-network-id argument is not supported.

  • Listeners

  • Pools

  • Health monitors

Octavia Tungsten Fabric Driver does not support the following functionality:

  • L7 load balancing capabilities, such as L7 policies, L7 rules, and others

  • Setting specific availability zones for load balancers and their resources

  • Using of the UDP protocol

  • Operations with Octavia quotas

  • Operations with Octavia flavors


Octavia Tungsten Fabric Driver enables you to manage the load balancer resources through the OpenStack CLI or OpenStack Horizon. Do not perform any operations on the load balancer resources through the Tungsten Fabric web UI because in this case the changes will not be reflected on the OpenStack side.