Tungsten Fabric known issues and limitations

This section lists the Tungsten Fabric known issues with workarounds for the Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes release 21.4.


Tungsten Fabric does not provide the following functionality:

  • Automatic generation of network port records in DNSaaS (Designate) as Neutron with Tungsten Fabric as a back end is not integrated with DNSaaS. As a workaround, you can use the Tungsten Fabric built-in DNS service that enables virtual machines to resolve each other names.

  • Secret management (Barbican). You cannot use the certificates stored in Barbican to terminate HTTPs in a load balancer.

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Neutron objects.

  • Modification of custom vRouter DaemonSets based on the SR-IOV definition in the OsDpl CR.

[10096] tf-control does not refresh IP addresses of Cassandra pods

The tf-control service resolves the DNS names of Cassandra pods at startup and does not update them if Cassandra pods got new IP addresses, for example, in case of a restart. As a workaround, to refresh the IP addresses of Cassandra pods, restart the tf-control pods one by one:


Before restarting the tf-control pods:

  • Verify that the new pods are successfully spawned.

  • Verify that no vRouters are connected to only one tf-control pod that will be restarted.

kubectl -n tf delete pod tf-control-<hash>

[16241] Failure to update instance port through Horizon

Fixed in MOS 21.5

Updating a port or security group assigned to the port through the Horizon web UI fails with an error.


  • Update the port through the Tungsten Fabric web UI:

    1. Log in to the Tungsten Fabric web UI.

    2. Navigate to Configure > Networking > Ports.

    3. Click the gear icon next to the required port and click Edit.

    4. Change the parameters as required and click Save.

  • Update the port through CLI:

    1. Log in to the keystone-client pod.

    2. Run the openstack port set with the required parameters. For example:

      openstack port set 48f7dfce-9111-4951-a2d3-95a63c94b64e --name port-name-changed