MOS Release Notes

MOS Release Notes

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOS) releases

Release date


Container Cloud Cluster release


April 22, 2021

MOS 21.2


Update for the MOS GA release introducing proxy support and the following Technology Preview features:

  • Instances High Availability service

  • LVM ephemeral storage and encryption

  • SR-IOV for Tungsten Fabric vRouter

  • Custom Tungsten Fabric vRouter settings

March 01, 2021

MOS 21.1


Update for the MOS GA release introducing support for the PCI passthrough feature and Tungsten Fabric monitoring as well as the following Technology Preview features:

  • OpenStack Victoria support with OVS and Tungsten Fabric 5.1

  • SR-IOV for OpenStack

  • Components collocation (OpenStack compute and Ceph nodes)

December 23, 2020

MOS Ussuri Update


The first update to MOS Ussuri release introducing support for object storage and a Telco deployment profile, which includes implementation of baseline Enhanced Platform Awareness (NUMA awareness, huge pages, CPU pinning) capabilities, and Technology Preview of packet processing acceleration (Data Plane Development Kit-enabled Tungsten Fabric).

November 05, 2020

MOS Ussuri


General availability of the product with OpenStack Ussuri and choice of Neutron/OVS or Tungsten Fabric 5.1 for networking. Runs on top of a bare metal Kubernetes cluster managed by Container Cloud.