Enable OpenStack database periodic backups

A MOSK cluster includes a built-in automated mechanism to back up an OpenStack database. The mechanism is implemented as a Kubernetes cron job named mariadb-phy-backup. By default, the job is suspended.

To enable the OpenStack databases backup:

  1. Enable the backup in the OpenStackDeployment object:

            enabled: true
  2. Verify that the mariadb-phy-backup CronJob object is present:

    kubectl -n openstack get cronjob mariadb-phy-backup
  3. If required, adjust the periodic backup job configuration. By default, the backup is set up as follows:

    • Runs on a daily basis at 01:00 AM

    • Creates incremental backups daily and full backups weekly

    • Keeps 10 latest full backups

    • Saves backups to the mariadb-phy-backup-data PVC

    • The backup timeout is 3600 seconds

    • The backup type is incremental

    As illustrated in the cron job example, the mariadb_resque.py script launches backups of the MariaDB Galera cluster. The script accepts settings through parameters and environment variables. See the configuration details in the Reference Arhitecture: Configuring a periodic backup.