View Kibana dashboards

Kibana 0 is part of the StackLight logging stack. Using the Kibana 0 web UI, you can view the visual representation of your OpenStack deployment notifications.

The Notifications dashboard provides visualizations on the number of notifications over time per source and severity, host, and breakdowns. The dashboard includes search.

For other dashboards, including the logs and Kubernetes events dashboards, see Mirantis Container Cloud Operations Guide: View Kibana dashboards.


By default, StackLight logging stack, including Kibana 0, is disabled. For details, see Mirantis Container Cloud Reference Architecture: Deployment architecture.

To view the Kibana dashboards:

  1. Log in to the Kibana 0 web UI as described in Mirantis Container Cloud Operations Guide: Access StackLight web UIs.

  2. Click the required dashboard to inspect the visualizations or perform a search.


Starting from MOSK 22.2, Kibana has switched to OpenSearch Dashboards. For details, see Elasticsearch switch to OpenSearch.