Node-specific settings

Depending on the use case, you may need to configure the same application components differently on different hosts. MOSK enables you to easily perform the required configuration through node-specific overrides at the OpenStack Controller side.

The limitation of using the node-specific overrides is that they override only the configuration settings while other components, such as startup scripts and others, should be reconfigured as well.


The overrides have been implemented in a similar way to the OpenStack node and node label specific DaemonSet configurations. Though, the OpenStack Controller node-specific settings conflict with the upstream OpenStack node and node label specific DaemonSet configurations. Therefore, we do not recommend configuring node and node label overrides.

The list of allowed node labels is located in the Cluster object status providerStatus.releaseRef.current.allowedNodeLabels field.

Starting from MOSK 22.3, if the value field is not defined in allowedNodeLabels, a label can have any value.

Before or after a machine deployment, add the required label from the allowed node labels list with the corresponding value to spec.providerSpec.value.nodeLabels in machine.yaml. For example:

- key: <NODE-LABEL>

The addition of a node label that is not available in the list of allowed node labels is restricted.

The node-specific settings are activated through the spec:nodes section of the OsDpl CR. The spec:nodes section contains the following subsections:

  • features- implements overrides for a limited subset of fields and is constructed similarly to spec::features

  • services - similarly to spec::services, enables you to override settings in general for the components running as DaemonSets.

Example configuration:

        # Detailed information about features might be found at
        # openstack_controller/admission/validators/nodes/schema.yaml
                # Any value from specific helm chart