OpenStack database architecture

A complete setup of a MariaDB Galera cluster for OpenStack is illustrated in the following image:


MariaDB server pods are running a Galera multi-master cluster. Clients requests are forwarded by the Kubernetes mariadb service to the mariadb-server pod that has the primary label. Other pods from the mariadb-server StatefulSet have the backup label. Labels are managed by the mariadb-controller pod.

The MariaDB Controller periodically checks the readiness of the mariadb-server pods and sets the primary label to it if the following requirements are met:

  • The primary label has not already been set on the pod.

  • The pod is in the ready state.

  • The pod is not being terminated.

  • The pod name has the lowest integer suffix among other ready pods in the StatefulSet. For example, between mariadb-server-1 and mariadb-server-2, the pod with the mariadb-server-1 name is preferred.

Otherwise, the MariaDB Controller sets the backup label. This means that all SQL requests are passed only to one node while other two nodes are in the backup state and replicate the state from the primary node. The MariaDB clients are connecting to the mariadb service.