Management cluster storage

The management cluster requires minimum two storage devices per node. Each device is used for different type of storage:

  • One storage device for boot partitions and root file system. SSD is recommended. A RAID device is not supported.

  • One storage device per server is reserved for local persistent volumes. These volumes are served by the Local Storage Static Provisioner, that is local-volume-provisioner, and used by many services of Mirantis Container Cloud.

  • Before Container Cloud 2.20.0, the management cluster requires minimum three storage devices per node.

    • At least one disk per server must be configured as a device managed by a Ceph OSD.

    • The recommended number of Ceph OSDs per a management cluster node is 2 OSDs per node, to the total of 6 OSDs. The recommended replication factor 3 ensures that no data is lost if any single node of the management cluster fails.

    Ceph changes in Container Cloud 2.20

    • Since Container Cloud 2.20.0, the Ceph cluster does not deploy on management and regional clusters to reduce resource consumption.

    • Ceph cluster is automatically removed from existing management and regional clusters during the Container Cloud update to 2.20.0.

    • MOSK clusters continue using Ceph as a distributed storage system.

You can configure host storage devices using BareMetalHostProfile resources. For details, see Create a custom bare metal host profile.