Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes 22.1 release:

  • [16495][OpenStack] Fixed the issue with Kubernetes not rescheduling OpenStack deployment pods after a node recovery.

  • [18713][OpenStack] Fixed the issue causing inability to remove a Glance image after an unsuccessful instance spawn attempt when image signature verification was enabled but the signature on the image was incorrect.

  • [19274][OpenStack] Fixed the issue causing inability to create a Heat stack by specifying the Heat template as a URL link due to Horizon container missing proxy variables.

  • [19791][OpenStack] Fixed the issue with the DEFAULT volume type being automatically created, as well as listed as a volume type in Horizon, for database migration even if default_volume_type was set in cinder.conf.

  • [18829][StackLight] Fixed the issue causing the Prometheus exporter for the Tungsten Fabric controller pod to fail to start upon the StackLight log level change.

  • [18879][Ceph] Fixed the issue with the RADOS Gateway (RGW) pod overriding the global CA bundle located at /etc/pki/tls/certs with an incorrect self-signed CA bundle during deployment of a Ceph cluster.

  • [19195][Tungsten Fabric] Fixed the issue causing the managed cluster status to flap between the Ready/Not Ready states in the Container Cloud web UI.