Deploy compute nodes

Deploy compute nodesΒΆ

Provisioning and deploying of the OpenStack or Kubernetes compute nodes (cmp00X) is relatively straightforward and should be performed after the bare-metal provisioning through MAAS is done. You can run all states at once. Though, this has to be done multiple times with a reboot involved for changes to network configuration to take effect. The ordering of dependencies is not yet orchestrated.

To deploy a compute node:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. Verify that the new machines have connectivity with the Salt Master node:

    salt 'cmp*'
  3. Refresh the deployed pillar data:

    salt 'cfg*' state.sls
  4. Apply the Salt data sync and base states for Linux, NTP, OpenSSH, and Salt for the target nodes:

    salt 'cmp*' saltutil.sync_all
    salt 'cmp*' saltutil.refresh_pillar
    salt 'cmp*' state.sls linux,ntp,openssh,salt


    Refreshing the pillar data must be done every time you apply the reclass state on the Salt Master node.

  5. Apply all states for the target nodes:

    salt 'cmp*' state.highstate


    You may need to apply the states multiple times to get a successful deployment. If after two runs you still have errors, reboot the target nodes and apply the states again.


    You may have an error stating that iptables is down. Ignore this error.

  6. Reboot the target nodes.

  7. Discover compute hosts:

    salt 'ctl01*' state.sls nova.controller

After you deploy compute nodes, proceed with Deploy StackLight LMA if required.