Configure MAAS for bare metal provisioning

Configure MAAS for bare metal provisioningΒΆ

Before you proceed with provisioning of the remaining bare metal nodes, configure MAAS as described below.

To configure MAAS for bare metal provisioning:

  1. Log in to the MAAS web UI through http://<infra_config_deploy_address>:5240/MAAS with the following credentials:

    • Username: mirantis
    • Password: r00tme
  2. Go to the Subnets tab.

  3. Select the fabric that is under the deploy network.

  4. In the VLANs on this fabric area, click the VLAN under the VLAN column where the deploy network subnet is.

  5. In the Take action drop-down menu, select Provide DHCP.

  6. Adjust the IP range as required.


    The number of IP addresses should not be less than the number of the planned VCP nodes.

  7. Click Provide DHCP to submit.

  8. If you use local package mirrors:


    The following steps are required only to specify the local Ubuntu package repositories that are secured by a custom GPG key and used mainly for the offline mirror images prior the MCP version 2017.12.

    1. Go to Settings > Package repositories.
    2. Click Actions > Edit on the Ubuntu archive repository.
    3. Specify the GPG key of the repository in the Key field. The key can be obtained from the aptly_gpg_public_key parameter in the cluster level Reclass model.
    4. Click Save.