MCP capabilities

MCP capabilitiesΒΆ

Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) provides two broad categories of capabilities to two distinct groups of users:

  • Cloud operators

    Users from this category are engineers responsible for operations of the cloud platform. They are interested in stability of the platform, reliable life cycle operations, and timely update of the platform software.

  • Tenant users

    Users from this category run workloads on the cloud platform using interfaces provided by the platform. They need to understand what types of virtual resources are available on the cloud platform, how to utilize them, and what are the limitations of the platform interfaces.

Cloud operators and administrators can use MCP to manage the following elements of the cloud platform infrastructure:

  • Physical infrastructure

    Hardware servers, host operating system.

  • Cloud platform software

    Hypervisors, control plane services, identity information.

  • Network configuration

    Host networking, IP routing, filtering, and VPN.

Tenant users can use MCP to manage the following resources provided by the cloud platform:

  • Virtual infrastructure

    Virtual server instances and/or containers, virtual networks and resources, virtual storage, and tenants identity information.

  • Applications running on the infrastructure

    Any workloads that run in the virtual infrastructure using resources of physical infrastructure agnostically through virtualization mechanisms.