Monitored components

Monitored componentsΒΆ

StackLight LMA measures, analyzes, and reports in a timely manner everything that may fail in any of the devices, resources, and services running in the standalone or cluster mode on top of the infrastructure clusters of Mirantis Cloud Platform.

StackLight LMA monitors the following components and their sub-components, if any:

  • Linux operating system

  • Linux operating system and audit logs

  • Salt Master node

  • Salt Minion node

  • Jenkins

  • RabbitMQ

  • Apache

  • Keepalived

  • libvirt

  • Memcached

  • MySQL

  • HAProxy


  • NTP

  • GlusterFS

  • Physical disks, SSD, or HDDs, which provide SMART data [0]

  • SSL certificates [0]

  • Open vSwitch [0]

  • OpenStack (Nova, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, Keystone, Horizon, Heat, Octavia, Ironic [1])

  • OpenContrail (Cassandra, Contrail server, ZooKeeper)

  • Kubernetes (Kube-apiserver, Kube-controller-manager, Kube-proxy, Kube-scheduler, Kubelet, Docker, etcd)

  • Calico (Felix, BIRD, confd)

  • Ceph (OSD, ceph-mon)

  • StackLight LMA (Alertmanager, InfluxDB, InfluxDB Relay, Elasticsearch, Heka, Grafana, Kibana, Prometheus, Pushgateway, Telegraf, remote storage adapter, MongoDB)


    InfluxDB, including InfluxDB Relay and remote storage adapter, is deprecated in the Q4`18 MCP release and will be removed in the next release.

[0](1, 2, 3) Monitoring of the functionality is available starting from the MCP 2019.2.3 update.
[1]Monitoring of Ironic is available starting from the MCP 2019.2.6 maintenance update.