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cc-icon cc-icon-l Mirantis Container Cloud 2.27.1

A multi-cluster platform to securely deploy and scale containerized applications. Use different cloud providers or bare metal to deploy, attach, and manage Mirantis Kubernetes Engine clusters through a single pane of glass.

mke-icon mke-icon-l Mirantis Kubernetes Engine 3.7.x

An enterprise-ready container orchestration platform for Swarm/Kubernetes containers. Utilize a microservice architecture to enable rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications.

mcr-icon mcr-icon-l Mirantis Container Runtime 23.0.x

A containerd-based engine that powers Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) and integrates seamlessly with Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) to meet the needs of your business-critical applications.

msr-icon msr-icon-l Mirantis Secure Registry 3.1.x

An image storage solution to manage container images where they are securely stored in a shared repository. Automate CI/CD pipelines to speed up the delivery for your production-ready applications.

mosk-icon mosk-icon-l Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes 17.2.0+24.2 17.1.6+24.1.6

An open source IaaS platform to deploy, scale, and update containerized Kubernetes public clouds on bare metal hosts. Integrate with Mirantis Container Cloud and automate all major lifecycle management tasks.

lens-icon lens-icon-l Lens IDE for Kubernetes

Lens, the IDE for Kubernetes, empowers you to easily manage, develop, debug, monitor, and troubleshoot their apps across a fleet of clusters. Lens supports any certified Kubernetes distro on any infrastructure with real time observability.

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