Customize the default bare metal host profile

Customize the default bare metal host profileΒΆ

This section describes the bare metal host profile settings and instructs how to configure this profile before deploying Mirantis Container Cloud on physical servers.

The bare metal host profile is a Kubernetes custom resource. It allows the Infrastructure Operator to define how the storage devices and the operating system are provisioned and configured.

The bootstrap templates for a bare metal deployment include the template for the default BareMetalHostProfile object in the following file that defines the default bare metal host profile:


The customization procedure of BareMetalHostProfile is almost the same for the management and managed clusters, with the following differences:

  • For a management cluster, the customization automatically applies to machines during bootstrap. And for a managed cluster, you apply the changes using kubectl before creating a managed cluster.

  • For a management cluster, you edit the default baremetalhostprofiles.yaml.template. And for a managed cluster, you create a new BareMetalHostProfile with the necessary configuration.

For the procedure details, see Create a custom bare metal host profile. Use this procedure for both types of clusters considering the differences described above.