Reference hardware configuration

The following hardware configuration is used as a reference to deploy Mirantis Container Cloud with bare metal Container Cloud clusters with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine.

Reference hardware configuration for Container Cloud management and managed clusters on bare metal

Server role

Management cluster

Managed cluster

# of servers

3 1

6 2

CPU cores

Minimal: 16
Recommended: 32
Minimal: 16
Recommended: depends on workload


Minimal: 64
Recommended: 256
Minimal: 64
Recommended: 128

System disk, GB 3

Minimal: SSD 1x 120
Recommended: NVME 1 x 960
Minimal: SSD 1 x 120
Recommended: NVME 1 x 960

SSD/HDD storage, GB

1 x 1900 4

2 x 1900

NICs 5

Minimal: 1 x 2-port
Recommended: 2 x 2-port
Minimal: 2 x 2-port
Recommended: depends on workload

Adding more than 3 nodes to a management cluster is not supported.


Three manager nodes for HA and three worker storage nodes for a minimal Ceph cluster.


A management cluster requires 2 volumes for Container Cloud (total 50 GB) and 5 volumes for StackLight (total 60 GB). A managed cluster requires 5 volumes for StackLight.


In total, at least 2 disks are required:

  • disk0 - minimum 120 GB for system

  • disk1 - minimum 120 GB for LocalVolumeProvisioner

For the default storage schema, see Default configuration of the host system storage


Only one PXE port per node is allowed. The out-of-band management (IPMI) port is not included.