The following are the prerequisite steps for a manual MCP Kubernetes deployment:

  1. Prepare six nodes:
    • 1 x configuration node - a host for the Salt Master node. Can be a virtual machine.
    • 3 x Kubernetes Master nodes (ctl) - hosts for the Kubernetes control plane components and etcd.
    • 2 x Kubernetes Nodes (cmp) - hosts for the Kubernetes pods, groups of containers that are deployed together on the same host.
  2. For an easier deployment and testing, the following usage of three NICs is recommended:
    • 1 x NIC as a PXE/DHCP/Salt network (PXE and DHCP is are third-party services in a data center, unmanaged by SaltStack)
    • 2 x NICs as bond active-passive or active-active with two 10 Gbit slave interfaces
  3. Create a project repository.
  4. Create a deployment metadata model.
  5. Optional. Add additional options to the deployment model as required:
  6. If you have swap enabled on the ctl and cmp nodes, modify the deployment model as described in Add swap configuration to a Kubernetes deployment model.
  7. Define interfaces.
  8. Deploy the Salt Master node.

Now, proceed to Deploy a Kubernetes cluster.