Deploy HAProxy

Deploy HAProxyΒΆ

HAProxy is a software that provides load balancing for network connections while Keepalived is used for configuring the IP address of the VIP.


The HAProxy state should not be deployed prior to Galera. Otherwise, the Galera deployment will fail because of the ports/IP are not available due to HAProxy is already listening on them attempting to bind to

Therefore, verify that your deployment workflow is correct:

  1. Keepalived
  2. Galera
  3. HAProxy


For details on HAProxy configurations, see Configure HAProxy parameters.

To deploy HAProxy:

salt -C 'I@haproxy:proxy' state.sls haproxy
salt -C 'I@haproxy:proxy' service.status haproxy
salt -I 'haproxy:proxy' service.restart rsyslog