Run non-destructive Rally tests

Run non-destructive Rally testsΒΆ

Rally is a benchmarking tool that enables you to test the performance and stability of your OpenStack environment at scale.

The Tempest and Rally tests are integrated into the MCP CI/CD pipeline and can be managed through the DriveTrain web UI.

For debugging purposes, you can manually start Rally tests from the deployed Benchmark Rally Server (bmk01) with the installed Rally benchmark service or run the appropriate Docker container.

To manually run a Rally test on a deployed environment:

  1. Validate the input parameters of the Rally scenarios in the task_arguments.yaml file.

  2. Create the Cirros image:


    If you need to run Glance scenarios with an image that is stored locally, download it from

    openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --public --file ./cirros-0.3.5-i386-disk.img cirros
  3. Run the Rally scenarios:

    rally task start <name_of_file_with_scenarios> --task-args-file task_arguments.yaml


    rally task start combined_scenario.yaml --task-args-file task_arguments.yaml