Virtual machine node stops responding

Virtual machine node stops respondingΒΆ

If one of the control plane VM nodes stops responding, you may need to redeploy it.


  1. From the physical node where the target VM is located, get a list of the VM domain IDs and VM names:

    virsh list
  2. Destroy the target VM (ungraceful powering off of the VM):

    virsh destroy DOMAIN_ID
  3. Undefine the VM (removes the VM configuration from KVM):

    virsh undefine VM_NAME
  4. Verify that your physical KVM node has the correct salt-common and salt-minion version:

    apt-cache policy salt-common
    apt-cache policy salt-minion


    If the salt-common and salt-minion versions are not 2015.8, proceed with Install the correct versions of salt-common and salt-minion.

  5. Redeploy the VM from the physical node meant to host the VM:

    salt-call state.sls salt.control
  6. Verify the newly deployed VM is listed in the Salt keys:

  7. Deploy the Salt states to the node:

    salt 'OST_NAME*' state.sls linux,ntp,openssh,salt
  8. Deploy service states to the node:

    salt 'HOST_NAME*' state.sls keepalived,haproxy,SPECIFIC_SERVICES


    You may need to log in to the node itself and run the states locally for higher success rates.