Prepare KVM nodes to run the VCP nodes

Prepare KVM nodes to run the VCP nodesΒΆ

To prepare physical nodes to run the VCP nodes:

  1. On the Salt Master node, prepare the node operating system by running the Salt linux state:

    salt-call state.sls linux -l info


    Some formulas may not correctly deploy on the first run of this command. This could be due to a race condition in running the deployment of nodes and services in parallel while some services are dependent on others. Repeat the command execution. If an immediate subsequent run of the command fails again, reboot the affected physical node and re-run the command.

  2. Prepare physical nodes operating system to run the controller node:

    1. Verify the salt-common and salt-minion versions
    2. If necessary, Install the correct versions of salt-common and salt-minion.
  3. Proceed to Create and provision the control plane VMs.